Julie and Daniel ICIMH poster
Poster Presentation at The International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health (ICIMH) 2016
We conduct research in mind-body medicine and yoga. We also offer consulting on research projects.

Current Projects

A study approved by Georgetown University on the Integrative Trauma Recovery Program

Study in Gaza boys schools on the effect of mind-body skills groups on behavior and aggression

Study on the effect of mind-body skills groups for depression in adolescents at Eskenazi Primary Care Clinics (Indianapolis)

Past Projects

A National Institutes of Health funded project for a mindful eating intervention with overweight adolescents through the Oregon Research Institute.

A Department of Defense funded study on mind-body skills groups for posttraumatic stress with Veterans through the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Healthcare System and The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

Three studies on the effects of mind-body skills groups on PTSD in children, adolescents and adults in Gaza.

Two studies on the effects of mind-body skills groups on PTSD in adolescents in Kosovo.


Latest Published Studies

Purgato M, Gross AL, Betancourt T, Bolton P, Bonetto C, Gastaldon C, Gordon J, O?Callaghan? P, Papola D,? Peltonen K, Punamaki R-L, Richards J, Staples JK, Unterhitzenberger J, van Ommeren M, de Jong J, Jordans MJD, Tol WA, Barbui C. Preventive psychosocial interventions for children exposed to traumatic events in low-income countries affected by humanitarian crises: an Individual Participant Data meta-analysis from more than 3000 children in 11 randomised trials. Lancet Glob Health 2018: 6 (4): e390 – e400.Link to download published study

Gordon JS, Staples JK, He DY, Abde Atti JA. Mind-body skills groups for posttraumatic stress disorder in Palestinian adults in Gaza. Traumatology. 2016: 22(3) 155-164.Link to abstract

Dalen J, Brody JL, Staples JK, Sedillo, D. A conceptual framework for the expansion of behavioral interventions for youth obesity: A family-based mindful eating approach. Child Obes. 2015: 11(5): 577-84. Link to abstract

Staples JK, Hamilton MF, Uddo M. A yoga program for the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder in Veterans. Military Medicine. 2013: 178(8): 854-60. Link to download published study


Poster Presentations

Staples JK, Mintie D, Khalsa SBS, Evaluation of a Combined Yoga and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. June 2016. 22(6): A94. doi:10.1089/acm.2016.29003.abstracts. (International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health, May 17th -20th, 2016, Las Vegas NV) Link to Abstracts

Reale J, Staples JK, Knoefel J, Herman C. Improving memory, attention, and executive function in older adults with yoga therapy. International Journal of Yoga Therapy. 2013; 23(1): 46. (Symposium on Yoga Research, June 11-13, 2013 Boston, MA).